18 November 2007

fall. trees. leaves. colors.

i am always impressed by the beautiful colors of fall. each day on my commute, especailly the a.m. drive, i enjoy the colors along i-64. i'm trying to keep myself focused on the NOW and not the WINTER that will come, must come, in order for the life to come again in spring. seasons are so good and useful, but some seasons (WINTER) sure do affect my mind, body, and spirit in ways that i don't look forward to! so, for today, i express gratefulness and thanks for the beautiful colors of fall. i express thanks for friends and family. for joseph and richard as joseph is asleep in r's lap... for the sunday we have together...the sunday before we travel to see some family, cook good food, eat good food, and enjoy more fall colors.

this photo was taken on a morning commute from the northside of richmond. (this post was previously written. thanks to technology falling into place i have finally added the image!)

today these trees wouldn't be quite the same...at least there are lights on some of the trees around!

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