14 October 2007

a fine end to a long weekend. my son joseph and i sat together tonight while my husband richard played guitar. i doodled while he arranged different pieces of the pattern i was using to create. here is the beginning phase of some (hopefully) dazzling mixed meida pieces that i'm creating. much of this work will be at hunter lange antiques & collectibles, richmond, va during the christmas open house november 9-10, 2007. i'm looking forward to introducing new work that weekend...especially since deciding not to put on the annual all-out art show that we've done the last 3 years. this year is a sabbath for that show, which will return next fall if not sooner. well, cheers to this start...more to come...

1 comment:

  1. what's up friend? i LURV your doodles...always have, susie-Q...

    sorry i didn't get to talk the last time you called. strep throat is HORRIBLE!!!

    love you...give J some suga for me!